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The WASTEWATER TIMES - Introduction

By Tim Clifford,

Welcome to the first edition of the Wastewater Times.

Over the last few months I have received really positive emails off fellow members in the Wastewater Community asking if I'd think about sending out a regular Newsletter (NL).

I have a list of topics that will keep me going for a year. I could ram this NL with loads of topics but I have decided to dedicate this NL to the topics you have requested the most. i.e.

  1. European Court of Justice ruling against on-site wastewater treatment systems
  2. Sand filters
  3. Pressurised systems
  4. Product reviews.
In the next issue I hope to address
  1. Options available to Site Assessors/Homeowners if the site fails percolation
  2. Zero Discharge Willow systems
  3. Interview with a Local Authority on how the implementation of the CoP is working in their respective county and
  4. WWTU suitable for use in Ireland given the IAB Certs can no longer be renewed.

Also in this issue I caught up with Henry H McAuley of Balmoral Tanks Ltd and asked him to outline the benefits of their EN certified Hydroclear HC6 10:13:6 WWTU. This unit has achieved EN certification and among other things boasts one of the highest effluent quality standards (10:13:6) and one of the largest inbuilt primary settlement chambers (3000L) for a domestic WWTU system for sale in Ireland. It also has a unique sludge gauge, supplied with every tank so the user can measure the actual sludge build up ensuring that desludging occurs only when required.

I am addressing topics that you the reader have proposed so keep the ideas coming.

thx for reading

087 - 9903697

ECJ Past,Present and Future

By Tim Clifford,

Over the last few weeks I have talked to a number of different sources asking for clarity on the recent European Court of Justice ruling against on-site wastewater treatment systems.

I have compiled a fairly lengthy article so throw on the kettle and put the mobile on silent, Kick back for the next 20 min and enjoy the read!

I have gone to a number of different sources and compiled as much information as possible. If you feel any part of the details are incorrect or factually wrong please let me know and I will make the appropriate edits where necessary.

I hope it will bring some clarity to the ECJ issues.
Please leave your comments & opinions at the end of the article.

EPA CoP Certified Sand

By Tim Clifford,

One of the biggest headaches for Site Assessors/Homeowners and Installers over the last few years was sourcing the required grades of sand for the various sand filters. I heard from various sources that it was nearly impossible to source the correct grades. I asked installers what they did when they couldn’t find the exact grades and invariably the response I got was “we just threw in sand from the local quarry”.

Not too happy with that answer i rolled up my sleeves and began tackling the subject...

The Changing Focus of Off Mains Solutions

Tim Clifford speaks to Henry H McAuley, Balmoral Tanks Ltd

Part H of Technical Guidance Document and recommendation that will be put in place to tidy up the ECJ issue relates to the "Monitoring and maintenance of the various wastewater systems".
It is believed that the WWTU/Bio Units will need to be maintained in accordance with the manufacturers instructions which in some cases may result in bi-annual or tri-annual desludging events.

As we are all aware the current economic climate has changed and we all want our euro to spread further. As a site assessor I have stared to inform my clients that they should consider "whole life costs" when they choose a WWTU system for their developments. Some times the cheapest unit to purchase may not be the cheapest to operate.

I caught up with Henry H McAuley of Balmoral Tanks Ltd and asked him to outline the benefits of their EN certified Hydroclear HC6 10:13:6 WWTU.

With a 3000L primary vessel the HC6 represents one of the largest settlement and storage capacities in the market.

Correct design of Pressurised System

By Tim Clifford,

In recent times more and more Local Authorities are requesting site specific solutions for low pressure pipe networks (LPPN) and are not content with the generic recommendations from CoP page 44 Section 10.1.1 which states…

Soil Polishing filters (b) Option 2 - Pumped discharge - The treated wastewater from the secondary treatment unit is pumped to a manifold and percolation pipes using laterals with 4–6 mm diam orifices (0.6 m apart) typically 32 mm diam at 0.6 m spacing between laterals facing downwards over a 200-mm layer of gravel.

To understand why Section 10.1.1. is not a fit all solution I have decided to try and give a quick explanation.