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The WASTEWATER TIMES Ed.3 April 2012

The WASTEWATER TIMES - Introduction

By Tim Clifford,

Welcome to the third edition of the Wastewater Times.

As we have seen over the last number of months there has been a huge amount of publicity over the Septic Tank registration etc. I have decided to stay clear of that topic until such time as the EPA publish the National Inspection Plan (NIP).

In this Newsletter I have addressed two topics that are very relevant to the IRL Wastewater Community.

1) Why are only certain Secondary Wastewater Treatment Units suitable for use in Ireland.
2) Explaining the recent clarification published by the EPA in relation to Code of Practice clarification on disposal of effluent from Polishing Filters, Tertiary Treatment Systems i.e Sand, Reed Beds and Packaged WWTUs.

As a number of wastewater companies have now gone out of business I have started to stock replacement parts for different units. If the online shop does not have what you looking for drop me a call or an email and the chances are I know where to find it.

For those of you who are interested in stats now have 1300 members. does not use google adwords. Each day approx 640 visitors surf through the site. On average 92,000 pages are viewed per month. The average time spent on the site is 11min. The most amount of visitors recorded in any one day was 1800. Ninety Eight percent of the traffic originates in Ireland. The strangest geographical area that accessed the site was Papua-New-Guinea !
And these figures are in constant progression month on month. So we may just have to provide a Papua-New-Guinea version of the site shortly….

As always if you have any topics that you would like to see addressed then please feel free to drop me a mail or give me a call.

thx for reading


PS. No names will be mentioned but I would sincerely like to thank all the people I annoyed while I was researching the various articles. Your input is greatly appreciated.

Why are only certain WWTU’s suitable for use in Ireland

By Tim Clifford,

Over the last number of months there has been a huge amount of confusion in relation to which Wastewater Treatment Systems are suitable for use in IRL and which are not.

Hopefully this article will provide a plain English explanation in relation to issues that have arisen over EN12566-3.

While I have been researching this article I have come across one major issue with the EN12566-3 process that I feel is worth mentioning and at some time in the future will require require further clarification from the DECLG and EPA.

EPA Clarify sizing of Tertiary Filters

By Tim Clifford,

Recently the EPA has made a “Clarification on disposal of effluent from Polishing Filters, Tertiary Treatment Systems". I have asked a number of people to study the clarification to see if it all makes sense.

As I thought, a few site assessors have looked at the published clarification and still found it confusing so I have decided to give my interpretation of the clarification or dare I say I have decided to try and clarify the clarification!!

Different effluent standards from various WWTU manufacturers.

By Tim Clifford,

On occasion I have been asked by users of the website what were the effluent qualities obtained by various wastewater companies.

I had a bit of time on my side over the Easter so I decided to go through all the EN12566-3 Certs and do up a little table.

Interesting isn't it !!!

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